Our Five Professors were Listed in Elsevier Most Cited Chinese Researchers 2016

On Feb. 27, the world famous publisher- Elsevier released “Most Cited Chinese Researchers 2016”, a total of five professors in our school was selected, they are professor Zhong Laifu from School of Public Health, professor Peng Jinyong from School of pharmacy (in the field of pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy), professor Guan Youfei from Medical Science Institute, professor Ma Tonghui from Basic Medical School (in the field of medicine), and professor Le Weidong from First Clinical College (in the field of neuroscience), of which, professor Zhong Laifu, professor Peng Jinyong, professor Guan Youfei, and professor Le Weidong have been selected for three times in succession, professor Ma Tonghui have been selected for twice in succession.