Dalian Medical University Achieved Splendor in National Natural Science Foundation in 2016

So far, the project review of national natural science foundation in 2016 was completed. We achieved splendor in national natural science foundation in 2016, winning a total of 83 subjects, and obtaining direct funding of 34.5369 million yuan, the winning quantity hit all-time highs, with project quality being improved greatly.

Professor Guan Youfei of Medical Science Institute obtained financial assistance of Key Support Project of Major Research Plan, which was another important breakthrough after being approved of 3 major research projects. The professor Liu Qiang of Cancer Stem Cell Institute, and professor Li Huihua of First Clinical College obtained financial assistance of key project. We have won the bid for major projects for five consecutive years. Professor Yang Qingkai of Cancer Stem Cell Institute and professor Ma Xiaochi of College of Pharmacy obtained the financial assistance of Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, four of our outstanding young scientific and technical workers in Dalian Medical University have been granted, it means that we have achieved remarkable success in the training of outstanding young reserve personnel.