We welcomed exchange students from Deakin University, Australia

According to the student exchange program entered into between Deakin University and our university, 11 students from Australian side had paid a three-week learning and exchange visit on our university (from November 5th to 25th), mainly for theoretical practice and clinical experiment in laboratory medicine. This is Deakin University’s second exchange visit to our side. This time, the Laboratory Dept. of First Affiliated Hospital had made a detailed rotation schedule, in order to ensure that each visiting student is able to learn and practice under our doctor’s professional guidance.

Moreover, we organized rich cultural events for visiting students, including sightseeing, Sino-Australian cultural exchange, Sino-Australian Youth Sports Carnival, Chinese Knotting, Dumpling Making Contest, Peking Opera Singing Contest, and Sino-Australian Friendship Party. Through these activities, Australian students can have a deeper understanding on the long history and unique culture of China. We also awarded course-completion certificate and gifts to them before taking group photos.