14th HSC Donor of Dalian Medical University - Bao Xueting saved Hong Kong Patient

On Oct. 20, a “life rescue” was going on in Air Force General Hospital, PLA. The hemopoietic stem cell (HSC) donated by Bao Xueting, one of graduates of School of Nursing in the year 2016 saved the life of a Hong Kong patient who suffered from blood disease. This is the first successful match and donation case between HSC donor and Hong Kong patient in Dalian. Bao Xueting became the 14th HSC donor of Dalian Medical University, 32nd HSC donor of Dalian and 6044th HSC donor in China.

Bao Xueting Delivered HSC to Staff of Bone Marrow Registry
Since 2004, Dalian Medical University has successively carried out 11 HSC blood sample collection activities. So far, a total of 3022 volunteers input their blood information in China Marrow Donor Program (CMDP). At present, we have 14 volunteers who donated successfully, and become one of northeast colleges and universities with largest number of HSC donations.