The Successful Completion of Overseas Students Orientation in the Autumn of 2016

From Aug. 25 – Sep. 23, we ushered 166 overseas students from 50 countries in the autumn term of 2016, including 93 undergraduates, 22 postgraduates, 37 doctoral candidates, 14 one-year advanced medical students, and have successfully completed the recruitment plan. Among them, 56% were self-supported students and 44% were students with Chinese government scholarship, four countries were newly increased, such as: France, Dominica, Mozambique, and Belarus. During the recruitment for the current year, we launched high-end talent training project, focusing on recruitment of high-end doctoral program in the countries along “One Belt and One Road” and European and American countries, which has obtained good achievements. This year, we recruited a total of 37 doctoral candidates, exceeding the number in the previous years.