Prof. Wang Yang’s work published in Nature Communications journal

Lately, Prof. Wang Yang, from our CSCs research institute, together with his research team, an innovation team for cancer study under Ministry of Education, have made a major scientific breakthrough, with research findings being published in Nature Communications Vol.6, an authoritative scientific journal taking Dalian Medical University as the first major unit that made such research findings and Prof. Wang Yang as a corresponding author for such publication. Their finding, the impact factor of 11.329, has attracted great attention from international cancer study circle. 

Prof. Wang and his team find out that Hippo-YAP signaling pathway can be regulated by alternative splicing in RNA level, and Hippo-YAP signal can be attenuated by new splice variant thus inhibiting tumor proliferation. Such finding provides a new clue to cancer treatment.

Prof. Wang became a member of Chinese “Thousands of People Plan” in 2014, and then started to preside over NSFC Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Project and Major Research Cultivation Project, Newton Senior Scholars Program, and NSFC General Program etc..