National Academic Seminar on Integrative Physiology was Held in Our School

During the period from June 3rd to 5th, Academy of Medical Sciences and Discipline Construction Division together held National Academic Seminar on Integrative Physiology. More than 20 domestic and foreign experts on integrative physiology, including “Cheung Kong Scholars”, “Distinguished Young Scholars”, scholars of the “Thousand Talent Program”, chief scientist of 973 plan project of Ministry of Science and Technology and “New Century National Talent” are invited to the seminar. Mr. Zhou Wanchun, secretary of the party committee, met with the experts and showed sincere welcome to all scholars, he also made introduction on development history and discipline development strategy of our university, and hoped that the experts can pay more attention and give support to discipline construction and scientific research of Dalian Medical University.

Group Photo of Mr. Zhou Wanchun and the Experts

The seminar focused on central issue and frontier in the field of integrative physiology, 20 academic reports brought an academic feast to the teachers and students in the seminar and provided them with a face-to-face communication platform. The experts made a conclusion on new progress of  integrative physiology in recent years on the aspects of nerve, immunity, reproduction, blood, respiratory, exercise, cardiovascular and metabolic system and organ function regulation, they also stressed the importance of integrative thinking on promotion of development of physiology and other related disciplines from current development trend of physiology. Additionally, challenges for development of integrative physiology were also analyzed and discussed in the seminar.

Professor Zang Mengwei, Health Sciences Center of University of Texas at San Antonio made an academic report in the seminar

The experts also discussed the necessity and importance of establishment of Division of Integrative Physiology of Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences, and the preparatory method was preliminarily drafted, meanwhile, the subject of the next seminar and orientation of applying for major national research plan were decided in the seminar. Some experts were debriefed by the school on construction of physiology and physiopathology discipline in Dalian Medical University. The experts helped to reorganize idea of the school on focus of major of basic medical science development during the 13th “Five Year Plan”, and they also gave valuable opinions and suggestions on construction and development of physiology and physiopathology.