Outstanding academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and alumnus of our University, Han Jisheng visits his Alma mater and is invited as the guest of "Masters" Forum

From September 11th to 12th, the outstanding alumnus of the University, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Han Jisheng was invited to return to his Alma mater as the guest of "Masters" Forum. Academician Han Jisheng is an internationally renowned neurophysiologist, pain scientist, and a pioneer of pain medicine in China. During the period, the President Wen Deliang met with Han Jisheng, and reviewed the development history of the University. Han Jisheng was awarded the“Outstanding Alumni”honor certificate.

President Wen Deliang issues the outstanding alumni certificate to Han Jisheng

Academician Han Jisheng was also invited as the guest of “Medical Humanities Session of Masters Forum”, and gave the teachers and the students a presentation entitled “Be willing to devote myself to the human beings in my whole life—a return visit to my alma mater after 60 years.”