The 4th China·Bangchui Island Cancer Symposia Held

The 4th China · Bangchui Island Cancer Symposia was held in Dalian Medical University on July 4 to 6, which was sponsored by Bangchui Island Cancer Society, Chinese Academy of Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology and Dalian Medical University.

23 well-known experts were invited to give keynote speeches at the symposia, including academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering, entrants of one-thousand-talents plan, winners of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, as well as laureates of Chang Jiang Scholars Program. These experts described the research findings in the fields of oncology basis, transformation and clinical treatment, and also looked ahead into the future in this field. At the symposia, Prof. Mien-Chie Hung (from M.D.Anderson Cancer Center and also the academician of Academia Sinica) was given “the Outstanding Contribution Award in the 4th Sun Simiao Cancer Research & Treatment” in recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of oncology. The academic poster exhibition was also held during the symposia, and the experts were invited to evaluate the posters.

The Bangchui Island Cancer Symposia sponsored by Bangchui Island Cancer Society of Dalian Medical University has been successfully held for three times, which has developed into high-level domestic cancer symposia and caused a positive response during international exchanges of cancer research.