Graduation & Degree Conferring Ceremony 2015 Held

On the morning of June 25, Dalian Medical University held a grand and solemn graduation and degree conferring ceremony for a total of 2923 students to graduate in 2015, including all the postgraduates, undergraduates and international students from 31 countries. President Wen Deliang delivered a passionate speech and presented three heartfelt sentences to the graduates: firstly, set up lofty ideal and work hard to serve the society; secondly, persist in dream to become excellent doctor; thirdly, treat others friendly to promote harmonious society. On June 25 to June 26, President Wen Deliang conferred degree certificates to more than 2900 graduates, shifted tassel locations for each individual and took photos with them.

At the ceremony, the university leaders conferred diplomas and degree certificates respectively to the representatives of doctors, masters, undergraduates and international students, shifted their tassel locations, and awarded certificates of honor to those outstanding graduates. The representatives of graduates and international students respectively delivered speeches to express their heartfelt gratitude to the university. The representatives of teachers and alumni also respectively delivered speeches to encourage the graduates to be a happy doctor and a good doctor.

The university leaders conferred diplomas and degree certificates to valedictorians and shifted their tassel locations

The representatives of graduates presented flowers respectively to the representatives of teachers, alumni, logistics staff and parents to express their most sincere thanks. The representatives of teachers and distinguished guests also solemnly attached school badges to the graduates presenting flowers. All the graduates of 2015 donated a stone inscription of “Sincere Dalian Medical University” to Dalian Medical University, while the international graduates donated 1000 books on Chinese & foreign culture to the university.

The valedictorians presented flowers to the faculty members, parents and alumni
For the graduation ceremony 2015, Dalian Medical University provided the on-site simultaneous interpretation service for the parents of nearly 100 international students so that they could share the sacred moment with students and experience dense international educational atmosphere.