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Career destinations

Dalian medical university (DMU) has about 2700 graduates every year. DMU graduates of all disciplines are highly employable, and we have a high proportion of graduates entering graduate-level employment or further study in the country. Thedestination of 2648 graduates in 2014 (excluding international students , Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan students)are (six months after graduation): 95.13% in employment or further study for undergraduate, 96.04% for graduate.

Careers guidance

The Careers Service offers a wide range of services and staff can help you make informed career choices and work out what to do next, whether that's:
1.advice about internships and vacation work experience
2.matching your interests and skills to possible careers
3.postgraduate study guidance
4.job application support

There are numerous opportunities for you to meet employers through events organized by the Careers Service and department-based societies. And even after you've graduated, you can continue to make use of the Careers Service. DMU Careers Service provides various courses including the range of transferable skills that you develop, that are of interest to employers.

Entrepreneurial Guidance
While at DMU, you develop a wide range of transferable skills through both your studies and recreational activities. It's these skills that employers are looking for when reviewing job applications. DMU Entrepreneurial Guidance system includes: entrepreneurial enlightment, entrepreneurial courses, entrepreneurial competitions, and practice.  There are several entrepreneurial competitions organized by government and DMU every year. Employers value the achievements and experiences gained through these competitions, and vacation employment as well. Potential employers also interact with some department-based societies so you have opportunities to make contacts long before graduation.

The Careers Service
The Careers Service (TCS) of DMU provides several ranges of employment resources and organizes more than 400 recruitment fairs including around 1000 employers. In the website of TCS, there are around 30,000 vacancies each year for DMU graduates seeking employment.

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