Office of Student Affairs

1.Organization of Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs Department, established by Party Committee of DMU,   macro-guides and coordinates student affairs.  It has Student Affairs Office, Recruitment and Employment Office, and Youth League Committee under the guidance of  the director and the deputy director of Student Affairs Office, the director of Recruitment and Employment Office, and the secretary of Youth League Committee serve. Its responsibility is to macro guide and coordinate the colleges to carry out student work.

The Student Affairs Office of DMU (including Student Affairs Department and Armed Forces Department) is an administrative and service department under the leadership of the Party. At present, it consists of seven people on the payroll, including one director, one deputy director, one deputy director in office, one office member and three teachers. The Student Affairs Office has two administrative offices and one teaching and research office.

The Youth League Committee is an advanced organization for youth, a school for learning communism in practice, and an assistant and reserve force for the party. It consists of five people on the payroll including one secretary, one deputy secretary, two office members and one worker.

The Students’ Self-education Committee, the Students’ Union and the Students’ Association not only play important roles in self-management, self-education and self-service but also actively participate in students’ management work. The Students’ Self-education Committee, established in October 2008, is under the leadership of the Party Committee with the purpose of "self-education, self-management, serving students and common progress". The Students’ Union is led by the Party and guided by the Youth League Committee. The Students’ Association,  under the guidance of the Youth League Committee, manages and serves students’ associations. It organizes activities every year, such as: “Association Culture Festival", "Community Orientation Carnival" and "Host Talent Competition" etc. The Student Art Group aims at strengthening students' artistic and aesthetic taste. Now, it has choirs, dance groups, musical groups, bands and other arts organizations.


Student Affairs Office focuses on strengthening and improving students’ ideological and political education, maintaining students’ safety and stability, carrying out education management, comprehensively promoting good academic atmosphere, providing quality and convenient services, and building a strong talent pool for students. By doing so, the comprehensive performance of students will get improved. The office makes progress in students’ ideological and political education, daily management, good academic atmosphere,  national defense education, military training, student support services, the counselor team construction and other aspects.

Youth League Committee insists on carrying out campus culture activities and social practice, cultivating scientific spirit, medical humanities spirit and practice ability. The goal of the Youth League Committee is to promote the comprehensive development of young people. Combined with the central tasks of our university, the Youth League Committee creates a good atmosphere and favorable conditions for students in the aspects of ideological and political education, science and technology innovation, social practice and training, volunteer work , establishment of Youth League and Students’ Union etc.

3.Students Work

Student Affairs Department always adheres to the concept of “student–centered, education as the priority, scientific management and high-quality service”; actively creates a work pattern of “whole-course education, comprehensive cultivation, whole-staff-participation education”, tries best to combine the medical scientific spirit and humanistic spirit together, and aims at cultivating practical medical talents. The Student Affairs Department has achieved remarkable achievements on many aspects such as: the students’ ideological and political education, students' security and stability, daily education management, good academic atmosphere construction, student financial services and counselor team construction, etc.

In recent years, the students' comprehensive quality has improved significantly and many outstanding students appeared: the nomination of the National College Students' Person of the year (No.15) Tingting Feng, College Students' Person of the Year in Liaoning Province (3 students), College Students' Moral Models in Liaoning Province(3 students), HuaYu Top Ten Students in Liaoning Province(3 students), Students Pacesetter of Dalian (8 students), Students' Self-reliance and Self-motivation Pacesetter in Dalian, Excellent Students Awards and Outstanding Student Cadres(many students).Our students have positive thoughts and good outlook. Now our university has 2835 hematopoietic stem cell volunteers and eleven students successfully donate hematopoietic stem cell. The number of donation is ahead of other northeast universities.
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