Office of Educational Administration Responsibilities

Academic Affairs Office is responsible for teaching administration of undergraduate education, laying out undergraduate education plans, revising and supplementing rules and regulations on teaching administration, constructing the specialty and curriculum, supporting and coordinating the teaching process, examining and checking teachers’ workloads, evaluating undergraduate education and assessing the teaching, holding teaching contests, recommending excellent teachers to participate in higher level teaching contests, assessing teaching quality of different programs and recommending the top ones, organizing the teaching reforms, designing the university calendars, managing school roll archives and academic degrees (including the postgraduate period of seven-year students), state and university level international exchange program for top undergraduates, selecting and recommending top students who can be exempt from admission exam to get a master's degree, scheduling and managing classrooms, planning and constructing experiment teaching, balancing labs used for undergraduate education, constructing and managing clinical skill centers and teaching bases, organizing and managing examination affairs, constructing and managing textbooks, undergraduate teaching guidance committee, evaluation committee for undergraduate education, bachelor's degree evaluation branch office, and etc.
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