Office of Discipline Development

The discipline construction is an integrated platform for talent cultivation, scientific research, society serving, cultural inheritance, and innovation, which is a key marker of core competitiveness of college. Since China’s “Twelfth 5-year Plan” (2011-2015), Dalian Medical University (DMU) has established the leading role of discipline construction in university development and launched a long term discipline construction strategy of comprehensive designing, highlighting prioritization, distinguishing characteristics and focusing on construction quality. By promoting the connotation of DMU disciplines as our central task, evaluating the discipline construction level and quality as our key point, highlighting the discipline characteristics as our focus, DMU has consistently kept seeking new growth sources of disciplines while keeping current superior disciplines. Consequently, the DMU has confirmed discipline arrangement, significantly optimized discipline structure and improved ascendant disciplines 

DMU owns 1 state key discipline, 15 provincial key disciplines of Liaoning, 4 Liaoning provincial first-class characteristic disciplines, 2 key disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China and 26 key disciplines of DMU.
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