Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences

The Laboratory Animal Center of Dalian Medical University, established in 1947, is one earlier, professional, and comprehensive center for the research of  laboratory animal science and technology including scientific research of laboratory animals, laboratory animal feeding and breeding, and training in the care and use of laboratory animals.

Now the center has one public service platform for laboratory animal of Liaoning Province (Dalian), one key laboratory of specific pathogen free (SPF) animal of Liaoning province, one Liaoning laboratory animal providing center, and one primate laboratory animal disease models research center of Liaoning Province. Besides, the center is well known as the first guide dog training center of Chinese Mainland, named as China Guide Dog Training Center in Dalian.

By the end of 2014, the center has a total of 22 staff members, including 4 professors or associate professors. Among the researchers, 5 researchers have doctor's degree. It is a young and energetic team with average age of 38.

The center covers an area of 20656.58 m2, which is divided into the ordinary laboratory animal center (6318 m2),the SPF animal experiment center (9781.39 m2),and the new large base for laboratory animals (4557.19 m2). Both the ordinary laboratory animal center and large base for laboratory animals are composed of animal feeding area and experimental area with focus on breeding and experiment of Beagles, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, and mini pigs. The SPF animal experiment center devotes to breeding and research for SPF laboratory animals with the laboratory animal production License (SCXK(辽)2013-0003) and the laboratory animal using License (SYXK(辽)2013-0006) . There are 15 strains of SPF rats/mice in the SPF animal experiment center, which can provide 1,000,000 SPF animals each year.

The center has 2,000 m2 of multi-function laboratory support and facilities. Many experiments could be carried out including DNA analysis of large, medium and small animals, feed detection, nutrient analysis, and animal behavior analysis in the center.

Work undertaken by the center
A. Teaching:
Comparative Medicine teaching and research section: Comparative Medicine (elective courses) is available for the undergraduates and Clinical Medicine students (7-year-program students and undergraduates). Laboratory Animal Science course is available for biotechnology and bio–pharmaceutical (major) students. Comparative Medicine teaching and research section recruits postgraduates majoring in Animal Science.

B. Research:
1. The development, utilization and conservation of animal resources.
2. The supply of SPF laboratory animals and the construction of SPF laboratory animal platform.
3. The monitor for laboratory animal environment and laboratory animal quality.
4. The analysis and application in animal behavior.
5. The cultivation and application of guide dogs.
6. Animal nutrition, feed analysis.
7. Application of embryo cryopreservation and embryo transfer technology.
8. Research and application of transgenic and gene knockout animals.
9. Development and application of animal models of human disease.      

C. Supply for laboratory animals and animal experiment conditions:
The center provides SPF animals including mice (KM, ICR, DBA/2, BALB/C, 615, C57BL/6J, and nude mice, etc.) and rats (SD, Wistar) and ordinary animals including rabbit, beagle, mini pigs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, toads, etc. The center also provides professional services for animal experiments.
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     #9 of West Section, Lvshun South Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China.
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     SPF Animal Experiment Center (Tel: 0411-86110179).
     Laboratory Animal Center (Tel: 0411-86110171).
     0411- 86110179

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