Modern Educational Technology Center

Modern Educational Technology Center (METC) was established in Jun. 2005, which is a technical support institution and provides network services and informatization construction to DMU. The Center has 7 divisions, including Computer Teaching and Researching Section, General Management Office, Network Operation and Maintenance Center, Campus Card Services Center, Multimedia Educational Facility Center, Computer Center and R&D Center. There are 30 faculty members at METC, 15 among them with Master’s Degree, 3 with senior professional title and 9 with vice-senior professional title.

METC’s main task is to provide services in supporting DMU’s advancement of teaching, researching and medical education by applying modern educational technology to improve teaching and learning environment, explore abundant teaching resources and build powerful platforms. The Committee of Educational Informatization Office is set in the Center, which takes on the function as comprehensive management of informatization for the university as a whole.              
Roles and responsibilities of the Center including:
1.drafting and executing new policies concerning informatizational plans and promoting the project of Smart Campus.
2.undertaking the task of providing computer science courses to all the university students and providing computer skills training to teachers, as well as the computer lab management.    
3.undertaking the programming, construction and management tasks of online teaching and learning resources in the university.
4.maintaining the network and big screen system on the campus.
5.undertaking the management and maintenance tasks of weak current network of the campus.
6.managing the campus one-card system and providing services.
7.managing the campus cable TV system and providing maintenance.
8.providing technology services, carrying out technology exchange and application software research and development.

With advanced equipments and facilitated functions, the center plays an important role in providing services for every teacher and student in aspects of teaching, medical treatment, scientific research, management, campus life and so on. The advanced level campus network which has already been completed, has established interconnected networks with each directly affiliated clinical college. The campus network implements various network services such as file transmission, E-mail, video on demand, library bibliographic retrieval, office online system, etc. Modern educational technical methods are rich and diverse, including campus cable TV system, wire and wireless broadcast which are distributed around every corner of the campus, and abundant digital resources. Campus one-card system with multi-function does realize the function of going over the whole campus with one card, and is extremely convenient for the campus life of teachers and students.

Faced with the constantly changing information society, METC will take the construction of Smart Campus as core work and develop the spirit of “unity, fighting, creation, and dedication”, striving to contribute for the advanced digital and smart campus.