Department of Physical Education

The history of Department of Physical Education (DPE) dates back to 1952. First established as Physical Teaching and Research Office, and has been under its present name since 1995. Department of Physical Education provides PE courses for all the students of the university, and also is responsible for physical education research, sports training, physical activities on the campus, athletic and other sporting events, and physical and health evaluation.
       DPE takes on the teaching tasks of both the domestic and overseas students of the university, providing regular PE courses and several elective courses including traditional physical education, poplular physical sports, national sports and leisure sports activities.
       DPE now has 22 faculty members, including 2 professors, 11 associate professors, 8 lecturers, 1 teaching assistant and 2 of them are national referees.
       There is one gymnasium, one multi-functional indoor playground, one Evaluation Centre for Students’ Physical and Health, two stadiums, one softball field and several courts of basketball, volleyball and tennis.
Competition and Activities
Many sports teams of DMU have made outstanding performance in all levels of competitions. More than 20 athletic associations carry out regular activities and organize “DMU CUP” sports events, creating a civilized, harmonious and positive athletic environment.
       DPE has established partnerships with Japan Gymnastics Association and Denmark Gymnastics Association, carrying out international communications and co-operations in academic research and sports culture.      
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