Institute of Gene Engineering Animal Models for Human Diseases

The Institute of Gene Engineering Animal Models for Human Diseases (IGEAM) was established under the guidance of the national strategy for innovation-driven development, in line with the university’s objectives of “To establish an advanced, distinctive, superior research medical university”. IGEAM, following National Science and Technology Planning, aims to develop into an international and domestic leading center of gene engineering animal models for human diseases, featuring the latest technologies of genome editing such as TALEN and CRISPR systems. In 2014, IGEAM was supported and certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China to be one of the few International Research Collaboration Centers, and the first joint international research center specialized in animal models in China. It provides a wider platform for international cooperation and technical innovation. Ranging from a variety of custom services including knock-out and knock-in animal model construction, to gene expression profiling, phenotypic and biochemical analysis, pathology, metabolism and imaging analysis, IGEAM is on the track to be an advanced research center of animal models in Dalian Medical University and a main supporter of bio-pharmaceutical industries in Northeast China. With the strength in clinical studies of major human diseases on campus affiliated hospitals, IGEAM is building a bridge between preclinical medical research and clinical medicine for better translational studies.

IGEAM comprises 4 laboratories: Gene Targeting laboratory Reproduction and Conservation laboratory, Genotype and Phenotype Analysis laboratory and Gene Function Analysis laboratory.

According to the standard of the world’s top research universities, IGEAM adapts a vertical management system. The Director is in full charge of IGEAM under the guidance of academic committee. The institute covers a wide range of research fields, focusing on six main research areas: functional genomics of neurological disorders, cancer and metastasis, endocrine diseases, cardiovascular diseases, immune system diseases and integrative medicine research. A three-in-one model animal research platform, which is “raising animals, modeling animals, and testing animals" has been set up. With the integration of Cre-LoxP system and, cutting-edge TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9 technologies, IGEAM is capable of generating both tissue-specific, inducible and whole-body knockout and knock-in animal models of major human diseases in a faster, cheaper and more efficient manner. In consistent with the genetic function research on major human diseases, Dalian medical university IGEAM is under the construction of a leading national science and technology platform.

"To embody characteristics, to highlight connotation, to form the resultant force and to pursue effectiveness", IGEAM has been filling the gap the field of research and development in genetic engineering animal models of northeastern China, building a bridge realizing the transformation from basic medicine to clinical medicine, and promoting the deep development of translational medicine and clinical medicine.
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