Institute for Medical Education (Teaching Development Centre)

Institute for Medical Education (Teaching Development Centre) is the predecessor of Medical Education Research Center of Dalian Medical University, founded in 1983, renamed in 1992, and incorporated into Office of Academic Affairs in 1999. In 2000, it was restructured into a higher-level organization. On July 11, 2013, based on the decision of the Standing Committee of DMU CPC Commission, Teaching Development Centre was set up and honored as the first demonstration center in Liaoning Province, co-located with the Office of Academic Affairs. Because of the restructuring at the end of 2014, the center was ultimately co-located with Institute for Medical Education, with one director, two deputy-directors, one full-time expert and two office clerks.

Institute for Medical Education is a specialized medical education and research organization. The main responsibility is to do strategic research in medical education; provide scientific basis and guidance for the reform and development of the school’s medical education; conduct a comparative study of higher education; construct information systems for ranking higher medical education; carry out cutting-edge research of medical education and related work; collect information available on higher education and establish information resources database, providing an objective basis for school development orientation.

In accordance with its basic functions, Institute for Medical Education has done massive medical education research, and made a comprehensive and realistic evaluation on the school teaching system. The institute has conducted and participated in numerous research projects of provincial and university level, completed hundreds of articles published in the China Higher Medical Education and other publications of different levels, and constantly participated in the national and provincial academic exchanges, providing a practical and reliable reference to the school’s macro-policies and teaching reform.

Teaching Development Centre operates on the principle of “promoting modern teaching philosophy, nurturing diverse teaching cultures, exploring the advanced teaching methods and pursuing excellence in teaching achievements”, adheres to the conviction of “prioritizing morality, emphasizing training, combining theory and practice and learning from teaching”. The center is primarily responsible for teaching training, exchange of teaching seminars, teachers’ consulting service, providing support for teaching resources, and works on the management of teaching reform research projects.

Since its establishment, the center has organized Competition for Teachers’ Theoretical Course and Experimental Course and launched a campaign of school training and online training. Based on teaching seminars and experts’ advice, the center has also issued “Regulations for Experimental Teaching”, regulating the experimental course and laying a solid foundation for clinical certification. In the meantime, the center has issued “A training program for young teachers in Dalian Medical University (for Trial Implementation)”, “Provisions for Young Teachers’ Lecture Competition (Amendment)” and “Specific Methods for Teachers’ Training (for Trial Implementation)”. The center will lay great emphasis on the development of young and middle-aged teachers as well as the teachers of basic courses. The main task is to promote teaching competence and philosophy, make the teaching training and consulting an intrinsic part of daily work, and thus effectively improving the quality of teaching in the school.

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