Cancer Center

Cancer Center of Dalian Medical University was founded by an elite team in Oct. 2011, engaging in both fundamental cancer research and clinical treatment. “The Innovation Team” is devoted to establishing itself as the international medical academic center by focusing on cancer mechanism research, cancer prevention, individualized treatment, translational medicine and innovative drug research & development.
Team Structure:
Cancer Center has 13 full-time professors, who returned from Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and other famous overseas universities and research institutes. Among these outstanding professors were the winners of Chief Scientist of the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), distinguished professor of  Cheung Kong Scholars Program from Ministry of Education, national Thousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists, National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, National Outstanding Youth Fund, Young and Middle-aged Leading Scientists, Engineers and Innovators of Talent Promotion Plan from Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The team structure has been optimized gradually and the personnel structure also perfected.

For the years, 75 SCI journal papers have been published with the unit name of Dalian Medical University, 10 of which have IF>10, 34 of which have IF>5; More than 40 projects above ministerial level have been approved with totally more than 48 million Yuan research funds; one project has been awarded the Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association; Liaoning Key Laboratory of Cancer Biology, Liaoning Science and Technology Platform and Public Support Platform of Dalian Medical University have been successfully established. In 2013, our Innovation Team application met with the Ministry of Education’s approval.
Academic Exchanges:
In 2012, the First Annual Meeting of Cancer Center (the forum for young scholars from Harvard Medical), the first session of China · Dalian International Cancer Frontier Forum and Cancer Research and Treatment Frontier Forum have been hosted successfully. The world renowned scientists such as Tak Mak (University of Toronto), Cun-Yu Wang (UCLA) and Thomas M. Roberts (Harvard Medical School) who won the Outstanding Contribution Awards for “Sun Simiao Prize for Cancer Research and Therapy” attened the meeting, which drew extensive domestic media attentions. Cancer Center held the “CAE Medicine Division Conference—The 3rd China Dalian International Cancer Frontier Forum” which was sponsored by the the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). Academician Daiming Fan, Qimin Zhan, Dongxin Lin attended the meeting. This conference has been successfully held three times, and developed into a top level of elite in the field of national cancer, causing a positive response in international communication on cancer research.
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