Brief Introduction of Art School of Dalian Medical Universit

Art School of Dalian Medical University, co-founded by Dalian Medical University and Japan-China Yonghe Association of Japan in 1993, has four undergraduate majors: Photography, Visual Communication Design, Apparel and Accessories Design, and Digital Media Art, with Photography being a characteristic discipline of Liaoning Province. Art School presently has a total number of 33 faculty members and 517 students.

Different majors and disciplines of Art School have been supplementing each other and enjoying mutual development. With the Visual Art Education in the lead, a multi-subject, wide-range and long-term development discipline system has been established. The Photography first adopts a segmented credit system in the country with three specialities: Documentary Photography, Commercial Photography and Mass Meida as the purpose. New teaching contents such as digital media has added to majors like Visual Communication Design, which propels education reform and promotes the major’s charactersitics. Apparel and Accessories Design cooperates with other disciplines such as Cosmetic Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Sports Medicine and Anatomy etc., aiming at pooling the school’s favorable medical resources to create unique teaching practice. At present, Art School is undergoing an extensive teaching reform and carrying out the motto of ‘elite education’.

Art School is renowned for its emphasis on students ‘master of basic knowledge and better practice skills’. For yeas it has provided many senior professionals to the field of culture and art, industrial and commercial enterprises, science, press, education as well as companies. In recent years, graduates from Art School have won awards in important competitions at home and abroad, especially the internationally influential ones such as ‘WPP’ and its Chinese counterpart. Students have acquired remarkable achievement in ‘Pingyao International Photography Festival’, ‘National Image Designer Contest’, ‘China International Cosmetics and Hairstyle Contest’, ‘Times Young Creative Awards’ and the ‘Academy Awards’ etc. These attainments are proof of Art School’s education level, students learning capacity and creativity. Art School is gaining growing influence in the society.

After 22 years of development, Art School has a group of highly-qualified, well-structured faculty, which grows properly and steadily. Among them are a few post-graduates who received education in Japan, South Korea, England or other famous universities in China. Highly educated and vigorous young teachers have become dominant among the institute’s faculty members and the driving force in its development.

With a teaching space of nearly 7,000 square meters, Art School has 5 professional photo studios, 4 students’  photographic laboratorys, 3 computer and professional studios, 2 operation preparation rooms, 2 photograph processing studios, 2 apparel craft operation and 2 dressing rooms respectively, and 1 costume shop. In terms of teaching equipment, large cameras, professional video recorders, digital cameras, workbenches, sewing machines are all provided. Spacious teaching space, good teaching equipments have created favorable condition and sound guarantee for operation and teaching practice.
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