Continuing Education College

Dalian Medical University Continuing Education College is one of the earliest colleges which set up higher adult medical education. In June 1958, Amateur School of Dalian Medical College was established. Then in September of 1993, it was renamed as School of Adult Education. And in 2007, it was renamed as Continuing Education College. The supervisory organization of this school consists of 5 administrative offices. They are College Office, Teaching Affairs Section, Training Section, School Registration and Degree Administration Section, and Examination Center. Relying on the superb educational resources of university and the modern education techniques, the college aims at offering medical education and training which well fit the needs of school and society. Pursing the improvement of teaching quality as the core, the college has been exploring the domestic and international cooperative projects in order to average up the quality of education and create both social and economic benefits. The goal for development is to strengthen its reputation, serve the society, seek cooperative development and create benefits.

Adult education offers 14 majors including Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Medical laboratory, Medical Imaging, Stomatology, Pharmacy, Medical Imaging Technology, Medical laboratory Technology, Stomatology Technology. The college offers 3 education levels, college-based 3 year program, senior school-based 3 year program and senior school-based 5 year program, which mainly receive amateur education. Up to now, the number of students at school has reached over 7,200 and the college has basically formed a multi-mode, multi-channel and multi-level education model. Since it was set up, this college has offered training for over 27,000 students. Meanwhile, it is also in charge of higher vocational education. Since 2003, up to 3,229 students have received training, which contributed enormously to the professional competence of medical staff in Liaoning province and was well received by higher leading bodies, the employers and the students.

The management of Continuing Education College is integrated into the overall planning of the university and it shares the teaching resources. The college employs as many as 300 teachers every semester and the faculty team is stable with high quality. Among them, teachers with doctor’s degree and master’s degree reach 67 percent. Professors and associated professors take up 61 percent of the whole teaching staff. Under the trend of adult education transferring from academic education to academic education and non academic education, the college undertook Liaoning province general practitioner training center, Liaoning Provincial primary-level health workers training center, Liaoning Provincial licensed pharmacists training center-Dalian branch, Dalian general practitioner training center. From 2007, it has offered training for approximately 400,000 people, contributing a lot to public health in Dalian, and Liaoning province. The college is closely abiding by the theme of university development and actively carries out international cooperation projects.The college is actively engaged in the construction of network platform for teaching and makes full use of modern teaching techniques. Classroom tutorials are combined with distance education and have achieved satisfactory effect.

Relying on the rich history of Dalian Medical University, Continuing Education College worships the school motto of “united, rigorous, realistic, and creative” and advocates the Humanistic Philosophy which emphasizes reverence for life. Under the leadership of Party Committee of university, it is devoting to continuing medical teaching for Liaoning province and China.
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