The Third Affiliated Hospital

The Third Hospital of Dalian Medical University (The Third Clinical College of Dalian Medical University) is a subordinate teaching hospital of Dalian Medical University. It is located in the center of the newly developed district of northern Dalian in order to collaborate with the construction of Liaoning coastal economic zone and the development of Dalian urbanization strategy. Our goal is to build a Class-A Tertiary general hospital delivering state-of-the-art clinical care, rigorous medical education, innovative scientific research and prevention health care. We will endeavor to make the hospital one of the most advanced hospitals across the region and an influential one in China.

The hospital is located in the core region of Jinpu New Area which is the first state-level new area in Northeast China. Jinpu New Area lies near the mountain and the sea, with splendid view, convenient transportation and complete facilities. As the major project of Junpu New Area, the construction of hospital is based on advanced concept and reasonable layout. The first phase of project is under construction. It has a construction area of 132,000 square meters and will set up 1000 hospital beds. The first phase project will be completed and put into use in 2016. The second phase has a construction area of 80,000 square meters and will add 1000 hospital beds. In the meantime, the hospital is also designed to construct living quarter for its staffs to provide them with good living conditions.

The total construction area is 200,000 square meters with 2,000 beds. The Hospital will set up 31 clinical sections and medical technology sections in its first phase. It focuses on the development of several characteristic disciplines and specialties, including tumor diagnosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic disease, senile disease and emergency medicine with the modern technology such as minimally invasive, intervention treatment and so on as the core. In the meantime, the hospital strives to become the health center, public health emergency treatment center and medical education center of northern Dalian.

The construction of hospital embodies the concept of "intelligent hospital" which includes “information intellectualization, logistics automation and equipment modernization”. The hospital will be equipped with modern medical equipments such as PET-CT, linear accelerators, high-end (Magnetic Resonance) MR, CT, DSA and digital operating rooms; advanced information-based system such as HIS, PACS, LIS, electronic medical records and telemedicine. Moreover, the hospital will not only set up Health-Care Network System and Intelligent Interconnection of Things System covering the entire region, but also will build the service network of disease treatment, disease prevention, health management and medical education with the hospital as core.

There will be 1,650 posts of public institutions for the hospital in the first phase. Academic leaders will be selected from the experts in Dalian Medical University and the elites at home and abroad. The hired professional staffs during the construction will be sent to other high-level hospitals for training.

The Third Hospital of Dalian Medical University is eagerly waiting your joining. Let us go hand in hand to begin a new chapter in history and create a brilliant future!
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