The Second Affiliated Hospital

The Second Clinical College of Dalian Medical University was founded in 1958. The hospital moved to Zunyi with Dalian Medical University in 1969 and returned in 1987. The hospital did not run independently until 1991, which is a top level hospital integrating healthcare, teaching and research. There are 4 campuses of the hospital. They are Xing Hai Bay campus, Lvshun Medical Center, Lanwan campus and Zuanshiwan campus. With a current capacity of accommodation of 3,000 beds and 4514 staff members, the hospital receives 1,500,000 outpatients visits, over 80,000 discharged patients, and 50,000 surgical cases annually,it is the largest hospital in the south of Liaoning.

In the provincial ranking of hospital operation and management of Liaoning in 2013, the Second Clinical College of Dalian Medical University ranked first in Dalian and third in Liaoning Province.

The hospital has a high-qualified medical, nursing, teaching, and research team. The main stream of the talents are composed of a batch of venerable experienced experts, young academic leaders with doctoral titles and abroad education experience. The hospital has almost 500 people with senior professional titles, 28 specialists enjoy the special government allowances. 70% of the staff have obtained master degrees. It has 33 doctoral and master degree programs, 200 doctoral and master mentors. The hospital is making a great effort to promote the discipline construction in order to form the discipline advantages and technology features.
The new techniques of this hospital have reached advanced level nationally, with 106 sub-specialties,7 medical platforms and 9 discipline groups in terms of comprehensive therapy of tumor, integrated therapy on end-stage liver diseases, comprehensive therapy of epilepsy, interventional treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, special therapy of diabetic feet, treatment of neonatal diseases, microsurgical treatment of hands and feet.

The hospital has two national key disciplines, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine and Dermatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and one national key specialty construction project - oncology. Additionally, the hospital has six Liaoning provincial key disciplines, including two specialties of Internal Medicine respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, two specialties of Surgery – orthopedics and general surgery, Dermatology and Venereology, and Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. There are four Liaoning provincial treatment centers, followed by Liaoning epilepsy treatment center, end-stage liver disease treatment center, diabetic foot treatment center, and Liaoning consultation center. The 13 Dalian municipal key disciplines in this hospital are cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, nephrology, oncology, tumor radiotherapy, E.N.T., neurology, ophthalmology, urology, general surgery, dermatology, ultrasonography and hematology. The hospital also has 31 Liaoning provincial key specialty construction projects. In 2012, one center and seven bases in the hospital were granted by Dalian rapid medical force raising program, followed by Dalian medical oncology diagnostic and therapeutic base, Dalian pancreatic, hepatic, and biliary carcinoma diagnostic and therapeutic base, Dalian coronary heart disease diagnostic and therapeutic base, Dalian diabetes diagnostic and therapeutic base, Dalian cerebral ischemic stroke diagnostic and therapeutic base, Dalian rehabilitation base of cerebrovascular disease, Dalian epilepsy diagnostic and therapeutic base.

The hospital is engaging in clinical teaching of 15 academic fields at seven different levels. Up to now,18 teaching bases have been eatablished, 29 disciplines have developed into the training bases of residents accredited by the Ministry of Health. In 2013, the Second Clinical College, as the representative of Dalian Medical University, won the Grand Prize in the Fourth National Medical College Students’ Competition of Clinical Skills.

In the past five years, the hospital had undertaken 355 research projects in all levels, including 2 National Natural Science Foundation key programs and one major project. The hospital gained 56 awards for its scientific and technological achievements in all levels, and won four national patents.

Professor Wang Qi, as the chief scientist, received the funding from National High Technology Research and Development Plan which is also named “863 plan”, achieving historic breakthrough of Dalian Medical University in this area.

There were 2904 papers and 46 academic treatises published in the name of the hospital. Meanwhile, 12 specialties have been qualified for  drug clinical trial accredited by the State Food and Drug Administration.

The hospital attaches so much importance to academic exchanges that has established friendship with many national and local hospitals in the USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Netherland and Japan. The hospital signed the cooperation agreement with Swedish medical center in Seattle, USA to set up the first epilepsy center in Northeastern China. Apart from these, the hospital and Klinikum Oldenburg Hospital in Germany worked together to set up the Sino-German Cancer Center. The hospital worked together with Johns Hopkins University to set up the Sino-US Neurology Center, with the well-known oral medical institution in South Korea to establish the Sino-Korea international stomatology base. The hospital cooperated with UBC to set up the Sino-Canada Dermatology Center.

Through integrating medical resources and supported by informatization, the hospital established the first medical alliance in South of Liaoning which is centered by the Second Clinical College. The medical alliance is characterized by multiple-dimension and three-level linkage. Longitudinally, the medical alliance connected the Grade IIhospitals, the Grade IIIhospitals and the primary care medical units. Horizontally, the medical alliance covered the diagnosis and treatment of severe cases, the emergency medical care and the health management. So far, the alliance has included Grade IIhospitals, more than 90 remote ECG diagnosis stations and 10 remote medical imaging diagnosis stations.

The outcome of hospital digitalization is proved to be highly effective, which enlisted the hospital in the first digitalization hospital demonstration units. With the network systems consisting of over 1,000 workstations, the hospital fulfills the integration of HIS, LIS, PACS, and PASS systems, named as the demonstration hospital of digitalized pilot of the Ministry of Health. The hospital carried out the first Alipay e- clinic in Dalian which provided the service of registration, payment, and report query by smartphone. The e- clinic makes it more convenient for the patients to consult doctors.

The hospital adheres to the motto - Worship Ethics, Adore Treatment and the philosophy of People Oriented and Innovation Development. With the aim of constructing a research-oriented affiliated hospital conforming with the advanced medical university domestically, the hospital is winning promoting social impact and satisfaction from patients.

The hospital was successively entitled with National Advanced Collection in Health Care, Worker Vanguard of Earthquake Relief and Homes Rebuild Project, Liaoning Civilized Unit, Top 20 Hospital in Liaoning for first-rate service, Liaoning Advanced Unit of ideological construction, Liaoning advanced unit for Key Discipline Construction, Liaoning advanced unit of Standardized Training of the Residents, and National Advanced Unit of Hospital Culture Construction.
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