The First Affiliated Hospital

The First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University was founded in 1930. After over 80 years’ development, it has become a national renowned modern comprehensive first-ranked state-owned hospital embracing clinical services, medical education and scientific research. Covering a construction area of 182,000 square meters, the hospital comprises the First Campus, the Second Campus, the Third Campus and Quanyong Campus. With a current capacity of accommodation of 3,700 authorized beds, the hospital receives over 2.16 million outpatients and over 90,000 inpatients, and accomplishes approximately 30,000 inpatient surgeries annually. Recent years, it has become the strongest comprehensive strength, and the people’s most trusted medical research-oriented affiliated hospital.

The hospital are engaged in clinical teaching of 18 academic fields at 8 different levels which are composed of 23 teaching and research departments, 39 third-level disciplines, 82 clinical departments, 13 examination departments, 25 administrative departments and 25 teaching bases. The hospital has two first-level doctoral programs, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and Clinical Medicine. Additionally, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine is the national key program and national key specialty. The key laboratory of critical cases of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Liaoning province is the provincial key laboratory. The hospital has 6 national clinical key specialties accredited by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, followed by Nursing, Cardiovascular, Nephrology, ICU, Acute Abdomen Surgery of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. It also comprises 8 Liaoning provincial medical centers, 7 Liaoning provincial key programs as well as 15 Dalian municipal key programs. Sino-UK Regenerative Medicine Center is the “International Cooperation Base in Science and Technology” accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology. There are a couple of well-known medical specialists in this hospital. Among the 3900 staff members, more than 600 of them have senior professional titles, one nurse was awarded Florence Nightingale Medal, and 40 specialists are enjoying the special government allowances.

The hospital has always been adhering to the construction of discipline, and treating medical development as the core. Since 2000, the hospital has undertaken 803 research projects, and gained 121 awards of national and provincial levels for its scientific and technological achievements. 418 papers have been cited by SCI. These years, hundreds of new techniques have been applied in the clinical treatment. The medical technology of the hospital has reached the advanced level nationwide.

With the improvement of the hospital, many types of academic conferences are being sponsored or organized every year. Academic associations have been established with medical institutions in more than a dozen of countries and regions.

In recent years, hospital management has been increasingly enhanced. With the introduction of ISO9001 quality certification system, hospital management has become more and more scientific and standardized. Hospital information system has enabled the hospital to digitalize its management gradually.

The hospital was successively entitled with the “National Advanced Collection in Health Care” for three times. It was enlisted in the “Top One Hundred Hospitals” in China and labeled as “National Advanced Collective of Establishing Civilized Enterprise”. In the patient satisfaction survey taking by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the hospital took the fifth place and 4 indicators of these data took the lead. The hospital, on behalf of Dalian Medical University , attended the fifth National College Students Clinical Skills Contest, and gained the outstanding award in the finals in May, 2014. Furthermore, the hospital ranked the twelfth place in the best employers’ investigation of Chinese medical institutions. And in the list of Chinese medical institutions with highest credibility, our hospital ranked seventh place throughout the country, which is the first class in northeast provinces.

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