Dalian Medical University Library was established in 1947. Since then, the library has moved and changed its name several times. The library began to use the name--- Dalian Medical University Library from 1994. In November, 2012, the library was named as Qizhen Library to commemorate our first president Shen Qizhen.

    The building of Qizhen Library was set up in 2007 with an area of over 20,000 m2, including 2000 seats and 1000 internet access. The environment is peaceful, comfortable, relaxing, and individual. Besides traditional books, magazines and e-reading areas, the library also set some humanistic and individual areas, such as Arts & Humanities books, Individual Study Room, Collective Study Room and so on. Readers can use the “All-in-One” campus card all over the whole library.

As a medical library, it collects biomedical literatures as its main body, and also has literature of various types and carriers on other natural science and social science,including books, journals, and graduate dissertations, multimedia, web DB and so on. By the end of 2014, it has more than 1, 985.5 thousand collections, including 1, 002.5 thousand e-collections. We order 60 databases with types of retrieval, full-text, learning & exam and so on, and also build 5 subject databases. Readers can access more than 20,000 full-text e-periodicals or e-books respectively now. The library not only exerts the functions of education and information for teaching, scientific research, medical work in our university, but also is the bio-medical information center of Dalian and South of Liaoning Province.

Besides loaning, reading, and retrieving service, the library also provides Online Catalog, E-library for renewing, reserving and recommending, E-journal Navigation, VOD for teaching resource and delivery document. At present, Subject Service covers the whole disciplines; Bookmark-Design Competition, Living library etc. become the brands of “Cultural Month Activity” (April); mobile library business makes our service out of campus. Besides Online Consulting and “Ask a Librarian”, we open Sina and Tencent micro-blog, WeChat public platform, set up homepage in and pay attention to our university Baidu Tieba to release library news and communicate interactively with readers.

    In recent years, we strengthen academic research, and actively create convenient conditions to improve librarians’ ability. Library Academic Papers Report Meeting has been successfully held for eight times from 1998. Librarian Research Fund has been set up from 2003 to support staff to research the problems in the work and go out to study. We have a staff of 37 people by the end of 2014, among whom, 13 librarians have senior professional title and 16 have master's degree.

    In future, we will continue to focus on the overall development goal of our school, serve teaching, scientific research and discipline construction, adhere to the people-oriented concept, pay attention to the connotation construction, innovate and deepen our service to build our library into a distinctive, domestic first-class medical university library with abundant resources, convenient services, and advanced facilities.