Since its foundation in 1947, DMU, operating on the motto of “inquisitiveness, selfimrovement, benevolence and services to mankind”, has trained tens of thousands of outstanding graduates for our country’s medical and health care industry in the past 68 years.  

They have made tremendous contributions to the development of our country’s medical and health care and helped promote the communication of science, technology and culture. They, of great value to running the school, are inheritors of DMU’s spirit and creators of its social reputation.They are valuable school-running resources, and important supporting power and precious resources for the development of our school.

The DMU Alumni Association, as a specialized organization for contacting alumni both at home and abroad and organizing alumni events, is an important bridge to reinforce the communication and promote the friendship between  DMU and its alumni, and among alumni. It is also a major channel for the school to get in touch and strengthen cooperation with the alumni both at home and abroad. Alumni Association Office, the administrative body of Alumni Association,  undertakes the daily work of Alumni Association . Its main responsibility is assisting school’s  heads and alumni’s leaders with planning, guiding, organizing and coordinating the work of the whole school and local alumni associations. It is an important platform to fulfill alumni’s demands, joining alumni’s efforts and acquiring the alumni resources .

After several years of efforts, our Alumni Association has  progressed. We have built alumni chapters in 13 cities of Liaoning Province, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and North America. The philosophy that our alumni insist on for a long time is dedication, gratitude and cooperation. Out of their love and devotion for their alma mater, they exert greater attention and the highest expectations on its develepments. Their taking part in the construction and development of the alma mater in many ways creates a demonstration effect, and thus a good framework of “alumni teaching” takes its initial shape.

Here is the eternal spiritual home for all alumni. The outstanding alumni will promise a great alma  mater. Enrich your life with DMU connections.