International Student

 1. International Education College Overall Summary
     Dalian Medical University (DMU) International Education College (IEC) was founded in 1985 on the basis of a language cultivation and a short-term advanced studies program. In 2004, the university established MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) in the English medium and initiated to recruit educated international students; this launched an evolutionary prospect in Dalian Medical University's system expansion to international education. In June 2007, DMU International Education College became more driven to its purposes when it was evaluated by the National Education Board of China and became one of the thirty schools that excels in teaching international students in the English medium. In 2009, the university was led into a brand-new stage when it was approved by the national education board to become a Chinese government scholarship development school to international students, as well as being assessed to be an international education advanced unit in Liaoning Province. In 2011, China approved DMU to qualify in enrolling self-assessed government scholarship students, China-Russia humanity scholarship students, and China-America humanity scholarship students. In 2012, DMU was graded by Liaoning Education Department to be one of the five international education model facilities in Liaoning. In 2013, DMU was assessed to be the first batch of international education model university nationwide. In 2014, DMU was awarded the title "International Students Education Advanced Organization" in China.
2. Conditions of International Students Scaling
     Over a decade, Dalian Medical University has shown extraordinary progress toward international education. To this date, there are 1260 international students enrolled in DMU with graduate students reaching to 12.5%. Our international students come from all across the five continents of the world for over 100 countries. DMU is listed the number one medical school in the Northeastern territory with the most international students and number of countries from where the students are enrolled; it also has the percentage of international students coming from a single country lower than 13%, which makes DMU International Education College a diverse multicultural environment that shows acceptance to all countries in the world.
       International education has become one of the most distinguished features of Dalian Medical University. Having educational programs as the main focus, assisted by short-term learning programs, DMU is a multi-dimensional teaching facility that includes bachelor degree programs, mater degree programs, doctoral degree programs, and advanced learning programs. DMU IEC mainly offers programs in the English-medium, as well as programs in the Chinese-medium to fulfill the needs of different students. Dalian Medical University is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health/Education/Medicine of 45 countries across the globe. DMU IEC alumni has already reached over 1100 people and are now making contribution all over the world.
3. Scholarships
     Dalian Medical University provides a variety of scholarship programs to international students including: Chinese government scholarship program, China-America humanity scholarship program, China-Russia humanity scholarship program, Liaoning province government scholarship program, Dalian government scholarship program, and Dalian Medical University scholarship program. For details, view International Exchange Division website.