As one of the first batch graduate recruiting institutes in China, Dalian Medical University started enrollment of the graduates in 1955. It has conferred more than 7000 master’s degree and doctoral degree of Medicine, Philosophy, Science, Management, Education and Law since it resumed admission in 1978. Up to May 2015, the Graduate School of Dalian Medical University has 3802 graduates, among which there are 267 Ph D. holders from mainland, 20 oversea Ph D holders , 3296 mainland graduates, 143 oversea graduates, and 76 graduates from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Student pool covers nearly 150 national and international universities. In 2015, 1505 graduates (including 353 seven-year program postgraduates) and 78 Ph D. candidates were enrolled.

Today, Dalian Medical University has 4 postdoctoral research stations, 4 Level-I disciplines for Ph D degree in Biology, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Integrative Medicine; 37 level-II disciplines for Ph D degree; 9 level-I disciplines for master’s degree in Marxist Theory, Biology, Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Stomatology, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing; and also 61 level-II disciplines for master’s degree.

In recent years, Dalian Medical University has focused on “improving the quality of graduate student education,” continuously adjusting and perfecting the graduate cultivation pattern, striving to create a strong academic atmosphere, stimulating graduates’ ability for innovative research. Up to today, 5 dissertations were selected to be Liaoning Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, 29 were selected to be Liaoning Excellent Master’s Dissertations. The university actively promotes internationalization, thus has established graduate student exchanges programs and cooperated with Japan OKAYAMA University and Japan Education Ministry Scholarship. Since 2014, the university has broadened the reform of graduate education, and incorporated Standardized Training of Residents into its academic education.

Dalian Medical University pooled resources and established a comprehensive scholarship system for graduates. Candidates are granted scholarships from multiple resources including National Scholarship, Graduate Assistanship, Graduate Academic Scholarship, Dashang Fund, etc. To promote students’ comprehensive ability, deepen their involvement, improve their innovation, every student is eligible to apply for on-campus positions including teaching assistant, research assistant, and administrative assistant.