With the guidance concept of “human orientation, pursuit of excellence, highlighting characteristics, cultivation of elites”, DMU regards undergraduate education as the most cardinal and fundamental mission. Centering on the teaching and focusing on elite cultivation, DMU undertakes the comprehensive and thorough reform of undergraduate education. Taking innovative asset cultivation mechanism as the point of breakthrough, emphasizing promoting connotation development, the University tries to improve the teaching quality and improve the influence, radiation and social service ability.

DMU has 6 disciplines of Medicine, Science, Engineering, Management, Law and Arts, including 21 enrolling undergraduate majors. And in November 2011 and December 2014, Nursing and Clinical Medicine gained high evaluation from the experts of medical accreditation of Ministry of Education.

DMU is one of the first pilot universities that carry out outstanding doctor education training project. Now it has 3 state-level featured specialties, 1 specialty in comprehensive reform pilot project, 1 innovative experimental zone for cultivating talents, 2 off-campus practice and education bases for university students, 2 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 4 prizes for teaching achievements, 1 bilingual model course and 60 undergraduate teaching programs of Ministry of Education. The university has 5 province-level model specialties, 3 specialties in comprehensive undergraduate reform pilot project, 1 key support specialty, 1 specialty in innovation and business construction reform pilot project, 4 off-campus practice and education bases for university students, 2 experiment teaching demonstration centers, 2 virtual experiment teaching centers, 16 famous teachers, 6 teaching teams, 62 prizes for higher education achievements, 20 prizes for education and research outstanding achievements, 15 excellent courses, 2 excellent undergraduate video open classes, 8 excellent resource sharing courses, 2 bilingual teaching model courses, 5 high-quality textbooks, 320 programs in Liaoning Provincial undergraduate quality improvement project. In recent 5 years, university has participated in more than 162 province and ministry planned textbooks, with 14 as the chief editors, 24 as the associate editors and 124 as editors.