Innovation of Talents Construction Module by Establishing “Academic Special Zone”

Recently, Professor Liu Qiang has been successfully elected chair professor of “The Chang Jiang Scholars Program” by the Ministry of Education. He is the first chair professor of this program who is self-cultivated by our university, and his success marks a great breakthrough for the university’s recruitment and cultivation of talents.

       In September, 2011, a high-end Tumor Innovation Team formally joined Dalian Medical University. In the past three years, with the strong support of the “Academic Special Zone” policy, the Tumor Innovation Team attained fruitful achievements. It stood at the frontier of cutting-edge technology, focused on the construction of platform, innovated the management pattern, and trained a pool of high level talents. On the other hand, the team did a great job on the cooperation with other scientific research groups of our university and paid much attention to the disciplinary crossing and integration of the construction of different disciplines, which brings along the rapid upgrade of the university’s scientific research level as a whole through the strong radiation effects. These achievements mark a great success of our innovative talents construction module “Team Introduction”, which will set an example and model around the province.

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